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  • Fra Immacolato OCD

    Servant of God


    Immaculato Brienza

    “ When I pass away nobody will lose me because I’ll come back on Earth, I’ll come back to ravish the souls, so that they could love and know God as He wants to be loved and known. I’ll come back to be the guardian, the defender and the coadjutor of my beloved priests.”
    Letter to his Spiritual Director


    Order of Discalced Carmelites
    *15 - August - 1922 +13 - April - 1989

    Interno della pagellina

    Brother Immacolato Joseph of Jesus

    Brother Immaculato (Aldo Brienza) was born in Campobasso on 15 August 1922. When he was 15 he was affected by a sudden sharp pain in his feet “like a nail that goes right through them”. After that, looked after with love by his family, he never left his bed. Other diseases affected him. And yet, for 15 years, he never lamented, never had a moment of discouragement and commiseration, nothing.”
    “ I bless God- he’ll say- because even my close friends don’t perceive the deepness of my pains”. A deep priestly soul, he felt a strong passion for Eucharist and unlimited love for Priests. He offered himself as a victim to Divine justice for their sanctification. The holy Virgin , never absent in his thoughts, wanted him to be a religious in the Holy Order of Teresian Carmel. And for him She wanted, in unusual way, that his religious name be Brother Immaculato. The Holy See, with special honour on 2 March 1948, allowed him to issue the solemn vows in the Order of the Queen of Carmel, even though he continued living at home with his family. He was humble, religious, pious, zealous, generous and simple, like a child. He let himself be guided by Providence following in the Mystics of Carmel footsteps, to reach God. We learn in the letters he wrote to his spiritual directors that God was prodigal giving him special gifts.
    In his bed, the altar where the sacrifice of his life was celebrated, he proclaimed the importance of the prayer and carried on a fruitful work of apostolate. His bedroom was the daily shelter for a spiritual consolation. Impressive was the light of his eyes and his serenity. Impressive was the confidence of his advice and his opinions about moral and spiritual life. Everyone was impressed by the overpouring of scents , often even before getting to his bedroom that prepared the soul for inward peace. On 14 April 1989, the day after “his blessed transit, he left his home to reach the cathedral in Campobasso. He was followed by a quiet and meditating crowd and, on the thick branches of Corso Bucci holm-oaks a rejoicing of goldfinches, sign on earth , of the festivity that angels were celebrating in Heaven”. The meaning of Brother Immaculato’s life is summarized in a saying that he always repeated: “ to work is good, to pray is even better, but to suffer with Christ is everything”. Brother Immaculato was a living icon of suffering lived in the happiness of the risen Christ; he was a quiet hero and discreet in Christian virtues. We are sure that now, not from his bedroom on Cuoco square in Campobasso, but from Heaven he continues on watching over human failings.

    In conformity with the Constitution of Urban VIII, concerning the related events you simply believe in the quoted witnesses, and in no way do we intend to anticipate the judgement that the Church will give on Brother Immaculato Brienza and on events regarding him.


    For the beatification of the Servant of God Brother Immaculato Joseph of Jesus

    Lord Jesus, Immaculate Lamb, sacrificed on the altar of the cross for the salvation of every human being, I humbly ask you to glorify, even on this earth, Your servant Immaculato, who loved you so much; and, with his help, I ask You for the grace I so desire. Grant it to me, I beg You, through the intercession of brother Immaculato, who living among us offered himself as a victim for the sanctification of priests and for the redemption of those who are slaves of sin.
    Three Gloria Patris

    Prayer composed by mons. Armando Dini, Archbishop of the Diocese of Campobasso, Italy, and promoter of the cause of beatification.

    “Yes, I want to leaf through, instant after instant, the book of Divine Will to discover in every sign, in every comma that God’s Will represents his love. I wish to live on earth as in Heaven according to God’s Will. Then I’ll be happy, then I’ll be in peace, I’ll be in the delight when I become, everywhere, a smile in God’s Will”.
    Letter to the Spiritual Director

    To ask information about Brother Immaculato, to attest graces received and to bear witness, write to: Don Alessandro Porfirio - Parrocchia “ S. Maria della Pietà” - 86010 Roccaspromonte (CB) Italy

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